Online Treatment For Depression

There are many people suffering from diseases and ailments of the psyche.  There is still quite a stigma when it comes to dealing with issues of mental health and wellness.  The newest methodology of treatment of mental health issues is through the Internet. There have been more instances of people seeking online treatment for depression [...]

Clinical Depression Therapy

Clinical depression is not simply feeling down.  It is a real medical illness that may last days, weeks months or years.  A person who is diagnosed as clinically depressed may present this diagnoses in several different illnesses such as bipolar disease.  Many people who are so severely depressed cannot simply get better on their own.  [...]

Online Depression Therapy

Online Depression Therapy

Depression happens. When someone is depressed they feel sad most of the time, sometimes even worthless and hopeless. They may lose interest in things they once enjoyed like going out with friends or hiking. Often they have disrupted sleep (being unable to sleep or seemingly wanting to sleep all the time). They also may have problems with their appetite (again, either increased or decreased with possible weight fluctuations). Most devastating of all they can become suicidal and worse yet actually attempt to take their own lives.

There are, of course, many therapies available for depression. Most of us know of people who have had depression and have sought traditional therapies. By this I mean the kind of therapy that takes place in an office while sitting across from a therapist. However, there is an alternative. There are growing numbers of therapists who do online depression therapy!


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